Giovanna Yannotti: Wife Of The Famous WWE Wrestler Kurt Angle


Giovanna Yannoti and her husband, Kurt Angle are two famous personalities in the entertainment sector. While Yannoti herself is a popular model and an actress, Kurt is a former wrestler and was seen in several movies, too.

Actress Giovanna Yannotti works in movies. Giovanna Yannotti is also known as a film actress and stunt performer, who practices primarily in Hollywood. In 2010, she portrayed a character in Justified.

Who is Giovanna Yannotti

Born in Pennsylvania, Giovanna belongs to the American nationality even though she was born to Mexican and Italian parents. Giovanna Yannoti has appeared in several movies that were a hit, namely, End Game, Sorority Row, and The Twilight Saga: New Moon. Giovanna began looking for a career as a model and an actress ever since she was a college student, and dropped out of it to focus on what she desired. The famous duo has four children, with one from Bulgaria later on named Ivan to get adopted by them. Other than that, their first daughter was born a year before the marriage and named Giuliana Marie Laine. They welcomed their second daughter, Sophia on the 31st of December in 2012 and their third daughter- Nikoletta Sky- on the 5th of November, 2016. Apart from their four children, Giovanna is also a step mum to two children of Kurt and Karen, his first wife.

Biography Of Giovanna Yannotti

Giovanna Yannotti was born in Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania on 26th March. The year 1987 saw the birth of Giovanna Yannotti. Giovanna’s age is currently 31 years old.

The names of Giovanna’s mother and father remain unknown, and she has chosen to keep her family’s details private.

Giovanna Yannotti education 

Giovanna Yannoti chooses to not publicize much about her parents, but it is assumed that she had received support throughout her journey of being a model. The support she had, became a reason to keep fighting and she knew she had the power to achieve anything she desires. As for education, Giovanna is yet to reveal any of her details about high school, but it was revealed that she got enrolled at the University of Pittsburgh for a degree course. Yannoti did not clear her degree course as she soon dropped out to look for a career as a model and an actress. She barely had any interest in her university subjects and studying like a nerd was not made for her. Her interests were more inclined toward the fashion and entertainment industry.

Giovanna Yannotti age

As of 2023, Giovanna Yannoti will turn 36 years old as she was born on the 26th of March, 1987.

What are the height and weight of Giovanna Yannotti?

Given that Giovanna Yannoti is a well-paid model and an actress, she must have a stringent diet for herself. She maintains a body weight of around 62 kg and has a credible height of about 5’8 ft. The height she has is rather adequate to become a model and an actress.

Physical Appearance Of Giovanna Yannotti

Giovanna Yannotti is a beautiful woman and has a stunning physique. Giovanna’s height is about 1.78 m. She weighs around 62 – 65 kg, and Giovanna has black hair and dark brown eyes.

Giovanna Yannotti family

Kurt Angle and Giovanna Yannoti look after two Golden Retrievers and have four children of their own- three daughters and a son who was adopted. Other than her kids, Giovanna is also a step mum to two of Kurt’s children with his first wife. Although Giovanna has kept her early life and parents’ details confidential, her current family’s information is shared.

Giovanna Yannotti career

Giovanna is known for her modeling and acting career and has accomplished whatever she has at the moment due to her hard work. She started everything from scratch and her talents and hard work truly paid off. Giovanna already had fame to her before her relationship with Kurt. However, her fame rose even more when her relationship with Kurt was out to the public. And when compared, Kurt seems to have a much bigger fandom globally than his wife. Her onset of career was through an on-screen role as a cast member of the 2009 ‘My bloody valentine’. Following the role in her debut, she worked on a TV series, ‘Justified’. Most of the films that she works on receive good reviews from the audience. You’ll find her in many other classic movies like Soul, Death from above, unstoppable, etc.

Social Media Accounts Of Giovanna

Giovanna is known for her beautiful features and from her stunning physique she is active on social media. On her social media profiles, she has numerous fans and followers, including; on Facebook and Twitter. 

Giovanna Yannotti relationship

Giovanna Yannoti and Kurt Angle had a two-year relationship before they decided to get married. The story of how they met, is a great tale and occurred in the sets of ‘End Game’. They initially became close friends on the set and would spend half the time together. Gradually, they turned into ‘more than friends’. Giovanna conveyed how she had no idea that her boyfriend was a wrestler and only came to figure it out afterward as a wonder.

Professional Life Of Giovanna Yannotti

The University of Pittsburgh welcomed Giovanna to continue her education there while she decided to start her modeling career and because of this her schooling got affected. 

Giovanna, a stunning model, began her career as one. In 2009, she appeared on screen in “MY Bloody Valentine. Giovanna has appeared in several TV shows and movies and she got famous from the Justified TV show as Well as her role in the movie 6 Souls was appreciated alot. 

On the other side, Giovanna acted as Rosario Dawson’s stand-in and stunt double in the 2012 film “Unstoppable”. She co-starred with her husband, Kurt Angle, in the film “Death from Above” that same year.

Giovanna Yannotti’s marriage ceremony

The duo decided to get married after two years of being together. It was agreed that the marriage would take place in 2011 but postponed it to the 20th of July, 2012 as Giovanna Yannoti found out that she was expecting. The marriage ceremony took place in her hometown, Pennsylvania, USA. It was considered a private ceremony with only close friends and family getting an invitation. Both Giovanna and Kurt are happy with their marriage and have surpassed 10 years of togetherness. The couple is well-settled and successful in their career, and Kurt has now retired as a professional wrestler. His final match was at WrestleMania 35 against Baron Corbin.

Net Worth Of Giovanna Yannotti

The net Earnings Of Giovanna Yannotti are known to be around $2 million. She is a professional stunt actress. On the other hand, Giovanna Yannotti has not yet disclosed her true earnings, salary, or assets.

An interesting fact about Giovanna Yannotti 

  • Kurt Angle was married to Karen Smedley before Giovanna, making her his second wife of Kurt. 
  • Giovanna is known to be a highly-paid model, and she is also great as an actress
  • She received an uncredited role for My Bloody valentine remake (as a party-goer) and a remake of Sorority Row. 
  • The couple is a supernatural believer. 
  • In the sets of the End game, Kurt and Giovanna Yannoti met for the first time. At the time, she had no idea what profession Kurt belonged to. 
  • Yannoti was attracted to Kurt the moment he walked into the sets. 
  • Along with four children, the duo takes care of two Golden Retrievers name Lola and Dee Dee. 

Giovanna Yannoti became the biggest supporter for Kurt during his time of severe addiction. She even told Kurt that both of them would have to part ways in case the wrestler forbade getting into rehab.


What is Giovanna Yannotti’s birthplace?

Giovanna Yannotti is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States

What is Giovanna Yannotti’s age?

Giovanna Yannotti is 31 years old.

Does Giovanna Yannotti have any children?

Yes, Giovanna has Three daughters. 

With whom did Giovanna Yannotti marry?

Giovanna Yannotti got married to Kurt Angle.

Is Giovanna a stunt actress?

Yes, she is a stunt actress.

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