The Most Amazing Games From All Period Of Our Life

Everyone loves playing games. There are many of them around the world. Everyone can find something special for themselves. The gaming world tries to update us with the latest news every day. Each new gaming studio that is willing to conquer our love, keeps trying to create something more than a game. They are willing to involve us from the daily routine into the fantastic world. Every time after a hard-working day, rest with roulette games online and your mood will be optimistic and positive all the time. We are going to pick up the most interesting news and share them with you! Play fair and have fun! 


The DayZ team from Bohemia Interactive shared the successes of survival for 2022. The developers talked about the released updates and also boasted of record numbers online. In 2022, DayZ received four major updates that added new weapons to the game, a redesigned Livonia map, several dynamic events, reworked vehicle physics, and much more.

On PC, the game broke concurrent player records compared to 2021 in all but one month. It now peaks at 58,523 players in April. Daily Peak Active Players on PC was 184k, 87k on PlayStation, and 119k on Xbox (as of October 23rd). The maximum monthly average concurrent players on PC is 31,070 in January. DayZ attracted over 3.9 million new players from January to November 2022. 17,200 viewers on Twitch in June is an all-time record. Over 30 thousand bans with BattlEye (total number exceeded 100 thousand). There are over 17 thousand mods. Players can enjoy 3 seasonal events.

The developers said that they will share further plans for the development of DayZ in the first quarter of 2023. Become a part of the DayZ community! 

Microsoft VS Players

If you are tired of politics then check out this latest issue! It is way more interesting to check rather than listen to corrupted people. 

10 players from the US are suing Microsoft for anti-competitive behavior due to the purchase of Activision. They have this right under the Clayton Act of 1914. It allows Americans to sue companies for anti-competitive behavior and regulates the conduct of companies. Its adoption led to the emergence of the Federal Trade Commission.

The lawsuit was filed by a group of video game enthusiasts who believe that a merger between Microsoft and Activision Blizzard could lead to a monopoly or at least reduce competition in the industry. They refer to the seventh section of the law. It prohibits acquisitions that reduce competition in industries. They refer not only to the scale of the future deal but also to the fact that Microsoft has previously carried out a lot of large acquisitions, including Mojang and Rare.

Right now, Microsoft and Activision Blizzard compete directly through, the Microsoft Store, and Game Pass. The deal will reduce competition in the industry, and Microsoft will own Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, Minecraft, Doom, Microsoft Flight Simulator, Halo, The Elder Scrolls, and a host of other franchises.

Players argue that the deal will upset the balance of power not only in the video game sales market but also in the labor market because the number of vacancies will be reduced.

Microsoft has not commented on the situation. 

High On Life

The humorous talking-cannon shooter High on Life from Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland has been a hit with Game Pass players. So much so that the game broke three important service records. This is the biggest Game Pass release of 2022. The most-played single-player game in the service in its history. Biggest third-party release on Game Pass.

This statistic is measured in terms of engagement based on the number of hours played in the first five days of release. The Squanch Games studio itself is surprised by this acceptance of the game and is glad that the users liked the shooter.    

High on Life tells a hilarious and darkly humorous story about how an ordinary teenager becomes a bounty hunter and tries to save the Earth from an intergalactic cartel using talking guns. High on Life is available on PC and Xbox consoles.

DualSense Edge

The official PlayStation channel has published a detailed video about the creation of the DualSense Edge gamepad, an improved version of the classic DualSense that comes with all PS5 consoles.

In the video, the development team talked about the main ideas that lie in the design of the gamepad. The main task of the team is to create a convenient controller that advanced gamers could customize to their needs.

Players will have many settings. You can change the sticks for certain games or to your own taste. And not only their shape but the mechanisms themselves can be replaced. Moreover, “petals” can be customized for different games. The sticks will have additional buttons for a more convenient configuration of various parameters. The idea was copied from keyboard shortcuts. You can create management profiles. Variability of setting the “dead zone” “triggers” R2 and L2. 

The DualSense Edge will be available on January 26th at the Sony Official Store and will reach retailers in select countries on February 23rd.

Star Wars: Dark Forces

After three years of work, a group of modders released The Force Engine, a reworked version of the Jedi Engine that is supported by modern systems. Thanks to this, it was possible to launch two games developed on this engine at once: Dark Forces and Outlaws. Both came out over 25 years ago and were clones of Doom.

 Playing Dark Forces or, in the future, Outlaws using the Force Engine will add simplicity to modern features such as higher resolutions and modern control schemes like mouse panning. Using the built-in tools when they become available will make modding easier with a more modern UI, more flexibility, and the ability to use the improvements made to the Outlaws Jedi Engine in custom Dark Forces levels – e.g. slopes, stacked sectors, color maps for each sector, and more.

Dark Forces was released in 1995 and was set in the Star Wars universe. The plot of the game is dedicated to Kyle Katarn, a former cadet of the imperial military school, who defected to the side of the rebels.

Outlaws was released in 1997, and its plot was dedicated to retired US Marshal James Anderson, who settled in the Wild West and administers justice to a gang of criminals.

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