Top 10 Things to Do in South Lake Tahoe Before Turning 30

South Lake Tahoe is basically a California resort city which is located on the shore of Lake Tahoe. There are various activities one can do in South Lake Tahoe and enjoy life to the fullest. So let us talk about what activities you should do if you are visiting there.

1- Sailing Adventure

Sailing on Lake Tahoe is one of the top ten things to do in South Lake Tahoe. 

One of the best activities is to sail for two hours on Lake Tahoe. You are offered a unique adventure Sailing experience which includes local beer and wine as well as non-alcoholic beverages that will make your day. One of the most enjoyable experiences you will ever have is selling while taking in the lake scenery.

2- Self Guided Electricity Bike Tour

In Lake Tahoe, if you are not willing to enjoy the view according to the speed of the boat or according to anything else, then you can enjoy it on your own. For this, you can have self-guided electric bikes for rent. You are the one who is riding this electric bike; it is controlled by you. So in this way, you can enjoy the full adventure according to your will. Moreover, you need not worry about the traffic as there are separate trails made only for bicycles or electric bikes. In addition to this, all the safety equipment such as bike helmets, bike locks, and bike chains are provided to you for your safety. 

3- Tour of Lake Tahoe by a Helicopter

The other activity to do in Tahoe is enjoying the view of the lake from a helicopter. The tour is an enjoyable one that covers Fallen Leaf Lake, Tailor Lake, Cascade Lake, and Pope Beach and heads towards the breathing Emerald Bay. However, it has some restrictions, such as the maximum weight of a person should not be more than 250 lbs and the total weight that a helicopter should fly with should not exceed 500 lbs. Any person whose weight is more than 300 lbs is not allowed to fly in any helicopter as per the limitations of the aircraft.

4- Tour of Lake Tahoe via Clear Kayak

Lake Tahoe is famous for providing unique tours in completely transparent kayaks that are friendly and filled with adventure. In this transparent kayak, the passenger has to sit and paddle through the crystal clear water and can explore the depths of water up to 65 feet below the surface. However, there are some restrictions as well. To sit on the kayak, the passenger should be up to 6 years old and his or her weight should not exceed 375 lbs. Other than this, any kind of pet is not allowed on the kayaks.

5- Visiting the Heavenly Gondola

Heavenly Gondola is one of the most attractive lakes in Tahoe. Here you can ride the cable car to reach the top of the mountain where you can enjoy the view of turquoise Lake Tahoe, which is surrounded by mountains all around. 

6- Exploring Vikingsholm Castle

This castle is known to be the most historic and architectural highlight of Lake Tahoe. It is located in Emerald Bay Street Park, and people from all over the world come here to see its beauty and unique architecture. It is also known as the best and finest example ever of Scandinavian architecture in the Western hemisphere. 

7- Exploring Virginia City

Virginia City is one of the famous cities on Lake Tahoe, which in historical times was called the richest place on earth. Here you can enjoy the view of the high desert, ride the V&T railroad, visit unique shops, old saloons to eat and drink in, and tour museums, mines, and the largest national historic landmarks that look like mansions.

8- Exploring the Beauty of Squaw Valley

This is one of the amazing valleys that have a historical value. It is renowned for serving as the Winter Olympics’ host city in 1960. It is among the best locations for always keeping visitors busy. There are more than 170 trails and a village boasting 50 restaurants and 40 shops. Apart from this, the valley is also known for its unique activities and festivals that are enjoyed in the summer season.

9- A Tour of the Emigrant Trail Museum

One of the historical sites in Lake Tahoe that tells the tale of the settlers who passed through this region in the middle of the nineteenth century is the Emigrant Trail Museum. It has artifacts that are connected to the history of the Sierra Nevada, indigenous peoples, and rail route construction.

10- The Famous Lakes and Waterfalls of Tahoe by Helicopter

This is similar to the above-stated activity but is different in some ways, such as in the above journey, the helicopter will cover only the lake, but in this one, the helicopter will cover the famous mountain peaks and waterfalls of the areas surrounded by Tahoe. This includes Emerald Bay, South Past Mount Tallac, Fallen Leaf Lake, Glen Alpine Falls, and Pyramid Peak. Apart from this, it will cover lake aloha and past Horsetail Falls. 

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